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Where are Simmons products manufactured?

Simmons products are manufactured on three production sites in France, in Saint-Amand-Les-Eaux in the Hauts de France region, in Bar-Sur-Aube in the Grand Est region and in Fougères in Brittany.

How do you know which side is the No Flip one for mattresses you don't need to turn over?

The No Flip mattress technical side is recognizable by its grey-hued fabric comprising lots of open cells (honeycomb-structure) that ensures humidity is eliminated faster

I'm having trouble adjusting to my new mattress, why?

During the first months of use, the supple filling materials need to stabilize and get used to your body; this is perfectly normal.

Store information
Store information

How can I find the store closest to me to try out the mattress/bed?

To find the store closest to you, just visit our website and click "Where to find my Simmons". Just enter your postcode or town and the list of stores will be directly refreshed

I can't find a store close to me

An incredible number of stores propose Simmons products so you should geolocate yourself by clicking the "Close to me" button, the closest store will be displayed.

I can't decide which mattress would suit me best, where can I go and try them out?

You can go to the store closest to you, which you can find by entering your postcode in our store locator. You can try out all Simmons mattresses in stores.

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