Expertise and history

The Simmons brand

Simmons imagines and manufactures all its products in its facilities in France and promotes local know-how and state-of-the-art technology.

As our consumers are aware of the importance of good quality sleep, we do our utmost to constantly innovate and accompany them during their sleep. To ensure your sleep is evermore restorative, we propose real solutions to help you sleep better. State-of-the-art mattresses, bed bases, headboards and bedding accessories, which play a key role in improving sleep quality.

Sleep is a science, with its own rules that we need to know and master. As a real expert, Simmons is committed to working on all sleep-related issues. Every day, our experts analyse, observe and study sleep to offer you innovative mattresses, tailored to all body types and to all sleeping issues.



The American Zalmon G. Simmons assembles a metal frame made of springs and covers it with a cotton tablecloth: the spring mattress is created. Very quickly, the springs are placed inside bags and the legendary Quiétude suspension sees the light of day.


Simmons gives up his cheese box business permanently and creates his Company. The first pocket spring machine is developed. This brings about the end to traditional craftsmanship.


The Simmons mattress crosses the Atlantic on-board the famous Le Normandie and Le France ocean liners, used in the cabins. The brand goes on to establish itself in France. The French people discover this exceptional suspension and adore its incomparable comfort.


Large-sized mattresses arrive on the scene. Sheets and covers have to keep up with this growth crisis.


Simmons France celebrates its 70th anniversary; Simmons' technology is at its peak. Simmons launches its Fascination® model integrating the most noble materials, taking Simmons' technology to its peak.


Innovation inside innovation. Simmons creates Duetto®, the high-definition comfort suspension, in its pocket-sprung mattress collection.


Simmons goes even further in the realm of comfort. Simmons creates Sensoft®, the new generation of pocket springs.


Simmons celebrates 80 years of adventure! To mark the occasion, the brand opens a new production site in Saint-Amand-Les-Eaux (59), France.


Simmons revolution: Simmons writes a new chapter in bedding history by integrating the NO FLIP® system in its collections: an innovation that makes life easier for consumers as they don't have to turn their mattress over anymore. 2012 is also highlighted by the creation of Fullsoft®, a new patented Simmons suspension.


Simmons is established as the inventor and specialist of the pocket spring. Simmons extends its mattress range by creating a new Blacksoft suspension and launches the brand new Beautyrest Black collection, directly inspired by the USA. A technology that combines two types of springs for incomparable sleep.


Simmons is established as the sleep expert. Here, at Simmons, our expertise is dedicated to your nights, to ensure your sleep is evermore restorative.

French-style know-how

Everything 100% made in France! Simmons mattresses are handcrafted and assembled with great care in our French production facilities.

Choose French furniture

In today's environment, consumers are more than ever concerned with "consuming local". They are moving more so towards eco-friendly solutions and, as such, products made in their own countries, e.g. made in France. Consequently, the French Furniture Collective decided to initiate a communication campaign entitled "#Meublezvousfrançais" (choosefrenchfurniture) to promote players who choose to manufacture their products in France. Simmons, whose intention is to perpetuate production of its bedding in France and, as such, protect its traditional know-how, is fully involved in this initiative.