Who are you?

My name is Juliette Moudoulaud and I'm the founder of Fées de beaux rêves, a sleep coaching company I launched 4 years ago.

What is sleep coaching in a nutshell?

In a nutshell, sleep coaching is helping babies, children and adults to sleep better.

What made you want to explore this avenue?

Eight years ago, my two daughters were little and we were having serious issues with my youngest's sleep. We weren't really doing anything differently to my first daughter so we were a bit at a loss as it was an issue we hadn't had to deal with.

I also wasn't really on board with hearing the doctor constantly say: "let her cry, she'll learn." So I started to take a particular interest in sleep.

During my research, I came across the Sleep Sense method by Dana Obleman, a famous American sleep coach. She changed our lives and solved our problem.

Who do you help?

Mainly new parents who are struggling with their child's sleep as it affects the entire family, both physically and mentally.

I recently launched sleep coaching for adults too.


What sort of issues can you help your clients with?

They tend to be recurring problems:

- Trouble falling asleep (too long falling asleep or children using their parents as a crutch)

- Night wakings

- Adult insomnia

- Waking up too early

What's your process?

  1.    I send out a questionnaire to get the ball rolling. It helps me review their sleep habits and pinpoint problem areas.
  1.     I meet the people in person or on a conference call to review the bedroom environment and talk to the parents (I interview children when they are 2 and a half or over).
  1.      I draw up a "Sleep Plan" to recap what we've discussed and their sleep schedule.
  1.     I then provide support of varying degrees depending on the situation, plus debriefs for up to 5 weeks.



Additional information:

Juliette Mouloudaud's team works in France and abroad.

A baby support package costs 360€

For bookings and information: (children's sleep)

And (adult's sleep)