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Beautyrest Resort Island mattress

Simmons sleep restores, revitalizes, re-energizes and regenerates you. The RESORT ISLAND mattress, inspired by the world's most prestigious hotels, features the best technologies and the best materials to ensure your sleep is restorative; a real revitalizing interlude for amazingly-wonderful days.  

  • Exclusive, patented Fullsoft® suspension for totally-peaceful sleep and an incredible feeling of softness
  • A No Flip® system offering you the same comfort all year round!
  • Perfect muscle relaxation
  • Intense recuperation at the perfect temperature
  • Long-lasting comfort

This product is only available in-store.

• 65% viscose - 35% polyester ticking (also available in GOTS-certified organic cotton)

• Firm support with exceptional contact comfort feel

• 4 cm of shape memory foam * 100 g/m² cashmere, linen and silk

• 1.7 cm of firm-comfort polyether foam

• 300 g/m² Quallofil by Dacron wadding comprising 100% polyester fibre

• Suspension comprising 820 FULLSOFT® pocket springs andsteel frames

• Padding, hand-tied by our expert technicians ensuring materials remain perfectly stable over time

• 4 horizontal embroidered handles for easy installation

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