Resources Programme

Through the Adova Group's Resources Programme, Simmons is committed to a sustainable, solidarity-based, eco-friendly future.

Through the Resources Programme initiated by Adova Group, which Simmons is part of, the brand has initiated meaningful, committed projects and actions. Simmons is committed to a sustainable, solidarity-based, eco-friendly future. The brand has innovated and has created an ecodesigned bed made from recyclable and recycled materials. This product, the only one of its kind on the bedding market, invites consumers to enjoy restorative, healthy sleep.

An ethical, solidarity-based future

Adova Group is committed to respecting, promoting and supporting the values and fundamental rights recognized in France and in the countries where the Group operates. Because employee wellness and safety is at the heart of the firm's agenda. At the same time, the Group is committed to ensuring "sleeping well" is accessible to as many people as possible by proposing its unsold products to charities.


Protecting the environment

Adova Group believes a business cannot exist sustainably without taking its environmental performance into account in its everyday business. This is why we aim to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible. Sustainable development is at the heart of our agenda. We promote the use of natural, recycled and recyclable materials in our products. This series is the first of a long series to come and, slowly but surely, paves the way for Simmons to feature recycled and recyclable materials in all its products. It also reflects the determination of the brand and of Adova Group, which it is part of, to intensify its commitments for protecting the environment. Determination organized around a strong CSR policy, the Resources Programme, which will sustain and strengthen the initiatives already begun.

A sustainable economy

We're a French company and, as such, we wish to promote French know-how and local partnerships. We are determined to develop the local economy and sustainable employment. We have been innovating and making all our bedding in our facilities in France, located in Saint-Amand-les-Eaux and Bar-sur-Aube, for many years now. Simmons has also joined forces with the French Furniture Collective to advocate mutually-held values: local traditional craftsmanship.